7 Things the DJ Does at Your Wedding

A DJ is an integral part of your wedding team. On average, the DJ spends between 15-30 hours for a wedding, and here’s why.

  • The Consultation

This is when you meet the DJ and get to see his playlist. It is also when you do your general entertainment planning. After deciding the DJ for your ceremony, you can also provide special songs you want to hear at your event. Most DJs will provide you with a timeline that you can then tweak, depending on you and your partner’s taste.

  • After Ceremony/Cocktail Time

This is on your wedding day. After the church service, while you and your guests take photos and cocktails to set the mood for the evening, your DJ will play your choice of music. The songs at this point don’t have to be danceable, so you can give him a list of songs that are special to just you and your relationship.

  • The Introduction

You can choose to have your DJ play a particular song throughout the introduction of your wedding party. You can also have a different song for each wedding group: The wedding couple, the groomsmen and bridesmaids, etc.

  • Toast and Speeches

Your DJ will provide a microphone for the speeches and possibly introduce each speech.

  • Dinner Hour

While you and your guests dine, your DJ will play gentle background music that doesn’t drown out conversations. Possibly instrumentals.

  • The Special Dances

The first dance, the bride-father, and groom-mother dances, the wedding party, and the line dances all need music. At this point, the DJ has to get people moving to great songs that don’t leave them sleepy after the meal and drinks they just had.

  • The Final Song

You can choose the song you want the DJ to close the ceremony with too. It will be played in the last few minutes and brings to a close, what has probably been, the best day of your lives yet.

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