7 Reasons You Need a Photobooth at Your Wedding

People love to document their lives. It is challenging to go anywhere or do anything without seeing people taking selfies or video with their phones, and for an excellent reason: no one wants to forget. Memories are funny, while we can hold on to our special days without images, only pictures portray how the day really unfolded, which is why we hire professional photographers for monumental moments, like weddings.

Unfortunately, wedding photographers may not capture people at their most natural, when their personality shines through. A wedding photobooth in Oakland County provides the greatest opportunity for capturing personal and genuine moments between friends and relatives, and there are at least seven reasons you should have one at your wedding.

1. Spontaneity Leads to Memories

The primary benefit of photobooth services Oakland County is that no other contraption offers the opportunity for pure spontaneity. When your friends or family sit in the booth, in front of that camera, with only so many seconds to make an impression, they let loose, showing you their genuine personality. Photobooths create a safe place to express yourself and have fun.

2. Photobooths Create a Retro Appeal

Unlike much of the technology of today, a wedding photobooth in Oakland County bears a striking resemblance to the photobooths of your grandparent’s day, meaning it is easier to bridge the generational divide at your celebration. Seniors, young adults and even children know how to enjoy a photobooth, and if anyone is unsure, we will have staff nearby to offer insight and suggestions.

3. Modern Tech Provides a 360º Experience

Our photobooth rental Oakland County is unique. While we have traditional packages available, you can choose the 360º booth package, which will provide an exceptional experience for your guests. With the 360º booth, a digital camera continuously circles guests, taking photos at every angle. The advanced setup allows for a unique collection of pictures for you, your friends and family.

4. Real-Time Viewing Allows for the Ultimate Guest Favors

While a professional photographer is an excellent option for more formal pictures, a wedding photobooth in Oakland County has the added benefit of immediate viewing. You and your guests need not wait weeks to see your wedding pictures because the booth allows for real-time viewing and printing, providing the ultimate party favors.

5. Props and Proximity Provide Ample Time for Ice Breakers

Not everyone is a social butterfly, and when thrown into a reception with a multitude of strangers, some people may need help to break the ice. A wedding photobooth in Oakland County offers people a fun way to break the ice. Props provide creativity and laughter, and the booth forces strangers together for quick and memorable moments.

6. Apps and Social Media Allow for Immediate Photo Sharing

Aside from individual printouts for guest favors, our wedding photobooth in Oakland County allows for photo sharing through apps and social media, meaning that every guest can see all the pictures and fun being had. The ability to see every picture means that guests can find unprecedented ways to take their pictures, making sure you have a collection of different and eccentric photos for your memory bank and photo albums.

7. Photobooths Require No Additional Work On Your Part

The most significant advantage of using a photobooth at your wedding is you need not worry about any additional work. Planning a wedding is challenging enough without adding in the hassle of managing a booth on your big day. Our team will be in place to help and organize the photobooth process, ensuring you have no additional stress.
What do you think? Are you interested in using a wedding photobooth in Oakland County? If so, contact Elite Entertainment to discuss our photobooth packages.