Your wedding day is special and unique to you and your future spouse. When looking for wedding videography in Grosse Pointe, MI it is necessary to find a wedding service company that understands the importance of your big day. While that may seem like an obvious, too many businesses look to weddings as money makers and not as monumental moments in your life.

At Elite Entertainment, your big day and your satisfaction are the priority. Therefore, before signing a contract with any service, make sure you understand your needs and what to look for in a reputable videographer service.

Understand Your Needs

The first thing to consider is your needs for your wedding day. What do you want to be recorded and filmed? Do you want to include some pre-wedding preparations or just the ceremony? What about the reception? Do you just want the entrances and toasts, or the dances as well? You set the expectations. Find a service that is willing to work with you, ensuring that you get all of the coverage of your big day that you want.

Know Your Style

Next, know your video style. Are you looking to capture candid moments or planned and staged interactions? Do you want interviews and speeches included or only music? Wedding videos vary wildly, and it is necessary to know what your style is to ensure that you find a videographer with the right experience. The filmmakers working with Elite Entertainment specialize in a variety of styles, and you are sure to find one who meshes with your needs and wants.

Look for Venue Experience

When searching for a wedding videographer in Grosse Pointe, MI you will likely see many sample videos that emphasize different venue types. For example, some filmmakers specialize in outdoor ceremonies, and others have expertise in churches. It is necessary to know your venue and speak with filmmakers who understand the technical requirements for working in that type of environment.

Again, videographers working with Elite Entertainment have an array of specializations, which means that you can find the best option for your wedding.

Don’t Restrict Your Search

It is also essential to note that you do not need to restrict your search to specific areas. Many wedding service companies, including ours, are willing to travel outside of county lines to help you create a memorable wedding day experience. Therefore, instead of searching within limited parameters, consider searching for skill, talent and expertise instead of location alone.

Talk to Potential Filmmaker

Next, before signing any service contract, be sure to speak with your chosen videographer and review their portfolio or samples. While you may like the work and technique of a specific filmmaker, it is necessary to remember that these individuals will be following you throughout one of the happiest and stressful days of your life. Therefore, take the time to interview the film expert to ensure that your personalities mesh.

Understand Your Package

Last, you want to make sure that you understand what you are getting from your package and how much you are paying for it. Our packages start at $1,295, but every package includes coverage from several HD cameras, wireless mics for wedding vows, reception coverage, high-quality HD video and digital streaming. However, that is not all. You can edit and add to packages for the custom video experience you are looking for.

Your wedding day is special and unique to you and your future spouse. You should not have to compromise when it comes to creating and memorializing your big day. If you are looking for videography services in Grosse Pointe, MI then contact Elite Entertainment at (586) 415-4800 for a free, no-obligation appointment.