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DJ Services for Weddings in Macomb, MI

Elite Entertainment is a full-scale wedding company servicing the Macomb County area of Michigan. While they understand the importance of photography, videography and even lighting to make your day memorable and beautiful, they also understand those wedding days are sometimes long and ceremonial and that everyone needs a little pick me up to drive the celebration home. Therefore, to put a little pep in your step and a brand-new groove in your mood, it is essential to hire the right wedding DJ.

Music is the best way to ring in your marriage and keep everyone engaged in the celebration. However, not just any DJ will do. While your uncle Ronny or cousin Jacob may have an eclectic taste in music, that doesn’t mean they can run the reception, and you need someone capable of that. There are at least five good reasons to hire a professional DJ and not a family member or friend.


The main reason to hire a professional DJ is probably their experience. While to an outsider, it may seem like these music aficionados are doing nothing more than playing playlists and taking request, the job is more complicated than that. Sure, you could just plug in your phone, computer or another device to a sound system and hit play, but that is no better than the background music playing while you shop or hitch a ride in an elevator. A DJ interacts with the crowd and knows how to read a room while ensuring that all the festivities move along without interruption and distraction. Therefore, a DJ is present when needed and knows how to fade into the background when necessary; a talent gained only through experience.


Another great reason to hire a wedding DJ is to avoid the hassle of more preparation. Planning a wedding is hard enough – exciting but hard. You need not worry about A/V equipment and lighting on top of wedding venues and food selections. A DJ takes care of the planning of entertainment for you. They provide the lights, equipment and even backup systems and backup DJs in case anything goes wrong on your big day.

Selection and Customization

The DJ for wedding receptions should also allow for selection and customization of music and song choices. Though it seems like a small thing, the song selection is key to maintaining momentum during your reception. A DJ welcomes requests, but the management of those requests is a must. If the disk jockey played nothing but slow R&B or up-tempo rock-and-roll, they would provide a disservice to your guests and to you. A reception is a series of emotions, from seriousness, joy, respect and pure celebration. Therefore, you need someone who knows how to play a crowd while respecting the feeling of the moment.

Appearance and Attitude

While it seems like a minor thing, appearance and attitude matter. You want a DJ who knows how to dress and how to act. While a no-filter, who-cares type of mentality may fly at an underground rave, you want a family-friendly and respectful professional running your reception. A pro knows how to dress and can create a mood for everyone to laugh and have a good time.

Party Momentum

Party momentum is critical to wedding receptions, which means a DJ should be a pro at keeping the party moving. There are several components to a reception, and a good entertainer knows how to move from on to the other seamlessly.

While your relationship is the spirit of the entire day, DJ services are the heart and soul of your reception. Contact Elite Entertainment and find out how one of their DJs can enhance your celebration.