Creative Backdrops to Include in Your Wedding Photos

Wedding photos will forever hold memories of the night you said “I Do”. When planning your wedding photos, don’t forget to think about what you want represented in your photos! Do you want intimate moments mixed with unplanned precious moments captured? Tell your wedding photographer the vibe you are going for. Also think of interesting backdrops to include. 

If you are looking for fun and creative ideas for your wedding photo backdrops the list below will highlight some excellent ones!

  • Favorite Place as a Couple 

Is there a place where you and your partner have special memories of? Maybe your first date or where you had your first kiss? If your photographer travels include this on your

list of photo backdrops. It will remind you of special moments and when you see the photo bring a smile to your face! 

  • Release Sky Lanterns into the Air 

Having your wedding party release sky lanterns while having photos taken is creative and fun. Another aspect to add is that they can add a little message on the lantern to wish you well in your future as husband and wife. 

Sky lanterns are gorgeous and romantic when released into the starry sky at night. Imagine the starry night filled with lit up lanterns as you take your photos looking up into the sky. 

  • Blow Lots of Bubbles 

Another fun and creative idea you could use for your wedding photos are bubbles. Your wedding guests can blow bubbles at you and your partner as you have your first dance. Bubbles show a bit of playfulness and a sense of 

This idea is fun, creative, adds a beautiful backdrop to your wedding photos, and doesn’t make a mess of the environment. 

  • Flowers and Flower Petals 

When you think about beautiful flowers, what comes to your mind? Romance of course! So wedding photos that include flowers is a good choice! 

Getting photos of you as a couple sitting on a bed of roses will add not only beauty to the photo but also be romantic. And this flower idea is perfect any time and or season! 

  • Use Sparklers to Light Up The Night 

Having an evening wedding and/or reception? Sparklers are stunning at night, so imagine how great they’ll look as they light the night up when you and your partner are cutting the cake or dancing the night away! Have your wedding guest hold up sparkers during photo opportunities! Sparklers also give beautiful lighting to your wedding pictures. 

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