4 Wedding Entertainment Ideas That Would Delight Your Guests at The Reception

Weddings are all about love, joy, and entertainment. Almost all weddings involve lots of eating, dancing, pictures, and more so it is very likely the goal of every couple to have the best entertainment at their wedding.

However, not everyone knows how to go about this because there are many wedding entertainment ideas out there, but finding out which one is for you is key.

We have made a list of wedding entertainment ideas that truly will delight wedding guests. Plus, you can apply these ideas to any kind or style of wedding!

  • Create Pre-produced Videos 

You will probably have a videographer on your wedding day but to add something a little extra you can ask your friends and family if they can make short videos of different activities during your wedding along with your videographer. All the videos will then be given to your wedding videographer, who will compile and edit them to make something truly memorable.

You and your wedding guests will love this idea as you can watch them over and over again, keeping your wedding memories fresh!

  • Display a Photo Montage at the wedding 

Displaying a photo montage at your wedding reception is a great way to engage your wedding guests.

Your wedding photographer and DJ can help you create a slideshow of pictures that portrays you and your partner’s lives, from childhood to dating and engagement. This idea is quite entertaining for your wedding guests, and we daresay it will tug at many heartstrings.

Alternatively, you can even hire a live event artist to paint a scene at your wedding, which is an amazing thing to watch and an extraordinary way to capture a moment forever!

  • Provide Exciting Photo And Video Booths

Photo booths and video booths are a sure way to entertain your wedding guests. You can incorporate tons of unique and wonderful photo booth and video booth ideas into your wedding reception to help keep your wedding guests entertained and engaged throughout the wedding. These make for great momentos too!

  • Play different kinds of games

There are several game ideas you can play at your wedding to keep your guests entertained. Some exciting games you can play include couple trivia, crossword puzzles, mad libs, etc.

You can also play a personalized game that reflects a family tradition, childhood interests, or something similar. The shoe game is also a great game to play at your wedding reception to entertain your wedding guests and is sure to get some laughs. 

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