3 Ways to Make the Most of Wedding Vendor Meetings

After spending countless hours on the web narrowing down your list of potential vendors, you finally secure the perfect vendor team. So, what comes next? Knowing how best to communicate with them.

Even though your vendors will always be available to tend to you, you won’t have time to meet with them in person as often as you may want because of time constraints or other reasons. Thus, it’s necessary for you to take full advantage of vendor meetings anytime you can, and we’ll show you the best way to do this.

Weddings by Elite is has outlined 3 ways to clearly communicate your ideas and share any concerns you have with your vendors, all the while enabling you to a very productive pre-wedding work session.

  • Come Prepared

There’s nothing worse than sitting down for a meeting with your wedding planner, photographer, or the floral designer only to draw a major blank. The cause could stem from anything: Perhaps you left work in haste and only barely made it to the meeting with little time to even collect your thoughts.

Regardless of what the cause is, it’s always best to come prepared with points of discussion written down and ready to go.

Taking the time to point out your concerns, ask your questions, share your inspiration or ideas before the vendor meeting is time-effective, more productive, and will save you from sending emails back and forth to your vendor team asking questions you forgot to discuss during the meeting.

  • Bring Your Ideas

It’s not always easy to communicate your creative vision to a vendor so bringing imagery that showcases your style can be incredibly helpful. Whether it’s a Pinterest board, magazine page, Instagram post, or anything in between, your vendors will love discussing which elements you’re drawn to and how to incorporate them in a unique way.

Also, don’t feel restricted to wedding imagery when it comes to sources of inspiration. Think about art, travel destinations, swatches, or anything that sparks your creative spirit.

Vendors will love your ability to think outside the box as they help bring your vision to life. 

  • Be Open to Suggestions

As you share those key sources of inspiration, your vendors will likely offer their own input on what’s feasible for your venue, style, and budget.

Their suggestions might not exactly be what you had in mind, but, be sure to listen carefully and hear them out. Vendors are often aware of logistical hang-ups that might escape you or those you wouldn’t even know about. And they’ll also be able to offer creative solutions for your vision.

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